Cylinder Head Valve Jobs

3 angle valve job.

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Our machine shop offers full service cylinder head rebuild. Valve jobs include disassemble, cleaning, crack check, 3 angle seat cut, valve refacing, & reassembly. Valve seals & surfacing is extra. We can do 1 cyl engines all the way up to large diesel applications.
Other cylinder head task we preform.
  • Dissasembly
  • Cleaning
  • Crack Checking
  • Milling (straight & angle)
  • Machine for screw in studs & guide plates
  • Cut for larger valves
  • Machine for new valve guides
  • Machine for hardened seats
  • Pressure Test
  • Cut valve spring pockets
  • Check CC’s
  • Repair broken bolts or stripped threads
  • O-Ring
  • Drill steam holes
  • Hand or CNC port & polish
  • Flow Test