Precision Race Aluminum SBC Cylinder Heads w/ .550 Lift Springs


Precision Race Aluminum SBC Cylinder Heads w/ .550 Lift Springs, 195cc intake runners, & 64cc Combustion Chamber

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These new pair of assembled Precision Race Engines Small Block Chevy heads include a revolutionary ultra casting designed after the Dart Pro 1 cylinder heads, versatile 195cc intake ports that are specifically designed for optimum versatility, and 64 cc combustion chambers that allow the use of several types of fuels.
Standard features are high grade aluminum alloy, bronze valve guides, valve seats for use with unleaded fuel, ends milled and drilled for accessories, and a straight spark plug angle.Intake features bolt pattern for both early and Vortec style intakes.
These are the most affordable high quality aluminum cylinder heads on the market.
Erson 2.02 & 1.600 SS Valves
Erson 110lb @ 1.800 .550″ lift Springs Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Erson Chrome moly 7 degree retainers
Erson Hardened locks
Erson 3/8 rocker arm studs
Erson 5/16 Guide Plates
Teflon valve Seals
Straight Plug Design
195 cc intake runners
64cc combustion chambers

Flow Numbers verified on our SuperFlow SF-600


.200″ Lift 153
.300″ Lift 205
.400″ Lift 241
.500″ Lift 261
.600″ Lift 266
.700″ Lift 269

.200″ Lift 108
.300″ Lift 136
.400″ Lift 162
.500″ Lift 181
.600″ Lift 192
.700″ Lift 198
These complete pair of heads will be assembled and ready to install. Fits Chevrolet 302DZ 305 327 350 383 400 427 434 stroker small blocks

Custom ordered and usually ship within 2 weeks after payment